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Incoming calls

Cost-effective solution& The service facilitates the highest level of accessibility for all incoming calls received from your company's clients. Its main advantage is its high speed to provide clients with responses without any loss of messages.

  • - Hot line (0800)
  • - Vitual secretary
  • - Receiving and order processing
  • - Technical support
  • - IVR
Outcoming calls

Here, in Goodcall, we serve our customers with the best outcoming call service provided by the call-center. Due to our professional apporach, we have gained a wide range of clients worldwide.

  • - Telemarketing
  • - Potential customer captureклиентов
  • - Sales and presentation via phone
  • - Appointment of meetings
  • - Polling and surveys
  • - Re-establishment of communications

GoodCall has developed a toolset for omnichannel and interactive interaction with your audience via messengers.

  • - Set up chat-bots
  • - Launch customer support
  • - Carry out sales in messengers
  • - Consult your clients and carry out surveys

You need a call-center, if:

  • You want to increase the number of sealable goods and services a call-center
  • You do not know how many clients you have lost owing to missed calls
  • Your employees are overloaded with generalized answers via phone
  • You are eager to sufficiently improve quality of the customer care service as well as to control the process itself
  • You are in need of 24/7 customer support service provided by a call center
  • You seek for the feedback from clients

We are a modern outsourcing company created by professionals experienced in information and communication service. The company provides its clients with the promotion services for their goods and services with the use of advanced technologies ever known within the electronic communication sphere.

Hазвитие собственных уникальных решений в сфере информатизации общества и бизнеса, создание единой мировой системы управления информационными коммуникациями.

Это банки и операторы связи, производители продуктов питания, страховые компании, а также любые другие компании, для которых сотрудничество с нами является гарантией выхода на новый, качественно более высокий уровень развития..

What are the advantages


Our operators are being trained to profoundly get into details your product may have, while improving sales skills at trainings.

Save your money

You won't have to waste your earnings on rental services, Internet nor for employees' salaries

Complete control

We will provide you with daily reports and the full phone calls records!

We take care of your safety

We selectively share access to your lead: only a group of operators working with your product, project manager etc. will be provided with access.


The GoodCall's high-quality infrastructure guarantees that the possibility of system's malfunctions remains is literally close to zero.

We are up all day, all night

A continuous 365/24/7 work!


Discover our clients' geography

Our operators are being trained to profoundly get into details your product may have, while improving sales skills at trainings. Besides, they have to be flexible in the changing products' environment, be literate and open-minded.

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